This is a contest for all you writers out there (up to grade eight). I want you to plot out an animal escape and write it as if you were that animal explaining how it was done.

Step One – Choose one of these animals:

– A monkey escaping from a zoo

– A parrot escaping from its cage in an apartment

– A goat escaping from a farm

– An elephant escaping from a circus

– A lobster escaping from a seafood aquarium

Step Two – Include a reason why they had to escape and why they had to do it as soon as possible.

Step Three – Choose one (or more) of these items that must be used in some way in the escape:

– A cellphone

– A pen

– A roll of tape (any kind)

– A vacuum cleaner

– A bowling ball

– A whoopee cushion

– An alarm clock


Step Four – Include at least one other animal (your choice) that helps your hero with their escape.


Step Five – Choose a final destination where your hero ends up and explain whether they are now safe or in a worse situation.


The most creative and well written submission will win a signed copy of Audrey (cow) delivered to their home and another one for a school or public library of their choice.

Send it through the CONTACT page or directly to me at

Contestants must be living in Canada or United States, and in grade eight or less.

Deadline is March 31, 2015




In my book, many of the characters have names that are uncommon these days – Charlton, Greta, Madge, Buster, to name a few.

Is there an animal in your life (pet or otherwise) that has an interesting name? If so, write in to tell me not just what their name is but why they were given it too. The most interesting name and explanation will get a copy of Audrey (cow) signed and mailed to you, as long as you live in North America.

I will post as many of your responses as I can. If you have a picture of your animal friend that you’d like to share, then attach it to your email.

You can reach me at

Deadline is December 15, 2014

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