A Painter (human) Connects With a Poet (cow)

306 White Cow 9-15






This painting was done by Helen Eaton from Arkansas, USA.

I haven’t added a post to the Audrey (cow) blog for quite a while, but I feel this deserves to get on it. As Helen explained in her email, she likes to paint subjects that are connected to a narrative, but in this case, she painted the white cow without any reason she was aware of at the time. It was only after it was finished that she looked up stories about white cows and discovered Audrey. I certainly know of one fictional Charolais cow that would approve of this “magical” connection.

Here’s the link: White Cow (a.k.a. Audrey)

Animals in Art: Feathers, Form and Function

Continuing with the series of looking at animals in art, I’d like to draw your attention to the work of Chris Maynard. Using mainly a small scalpel, he creates intricate sculptural pieces out of feathers that reflect the full life of the birds that grew each of them. I’m posting just two photos, but do click on the links below¬†to see all the other amazing pieces.



Check out Chris Maynard’s website to see more photos of his work or Feathers, Form and Function to read a short article about it.

Animals in Art: Crochet Animal Sculptures

I’d like to introduce a new series to the Audrey (cow) blog: Animals in Art.

Stories are not the only way artists integrate animals and the animal world into our lives. Shauna Richardson is an artist in the United Kingdom who calls herself a “crochetdermist”. Her crochet sculptures are both playful and darkly disturbing.

The photos below come from a profile of her work on My Modern Met. You can see the whole article, with more photos of Shauna’s work here:


Lion One

Shauna Richardson's crochet sculptures - bear

If you have any artist’s work on the theme of animals, please contact me through the CONTACT page.