The Winner of the Great Escape Writing Contest

March 31st was the deadline of the second contest on the Audrey (cow) blog. The guidelines required that you plot out an escape by an animal (five choices were given), give a reason for the escape, use one or more objects from a list supplied, bring along another animal, and finally bring your hero to a new destination.

Since I had my parents in town over the holidays, they were recruited to serve as judges. The winner, as it turned out, managed to get his story in just under the deadline (which I suppose makes this a wonderful example of how procrastination works?).

The winner of the Great Escape contest is Nolan. He is nine years old and lives in Waterloo, Ontario. Here is his story:

One day there was a goat.  The goat’s name was George.  George hardly got fed.  He only got fed once a week because everyone forgot about him.  

One day he decided that he needed to escape the farm.  He thought hard of how he was going to escape.  He thought all night.  

The next day he found the owner’s cell phone on the ground.  There was a chicken on the farm that he got to type the numbers.  He called up his trusty partner Detective Duck.  On the phone he says, “Duck I need you.”  He knew how to say this because of his duck dictionary.  He also said, “I need to escape this farm right now.”  

A few minutes later Detective Duck showed up.  They got a fox to distract the owner so they both could escape safely.  Detective Duck and George were from Canada.  Their plan was to go to the USA.  The duck brought some hamburgers for George because Detective Duck knew that he was hungry.  George brought the cell phone with them just in case because he thought it might be useful later on. Luckily Detective Duck knew a goose named Frank who could get them to the USA.  Duck called Frank on their new cell phone.  Frank is a Canadian Goose and he can carry Duck and George to the border.

 A few hours later they reached the border and at the border they needed to give the security guard their passports.  Sadly, George forgot his passport so he needed to get a disguise to sneak past the security guard.  George disguised himself as a little boy named Nolan.  As quickly as he could, he went across the border.  Right after they got through the border, the security guard saw George’s tail.  Then the security guard started running off to catch George but luckily Frank the goose came down and started flying them to a new farm.  

George called the other animals from his old farm so they could come to the new farm with him.  Frank went and got them all.  

They all remembered their passports.  

A person named Billy found all the animals on the street.  Luckily he was a farmer and he needed animals.  He brought all the animals home in his big truck.  Inside the truck the fox started dancing because he heard his favourite song.  His favourite song was What Does the Fox Say?  Once they got to the farm Billy put them in their pens and fed them all right away.  Billy gave George his favourite…hamburgers!!  

George was never hungry again.

The End

Congratulations Nolan! A copy of Audrey (cow) will be sent to you as well as another copy for you to donate to the library of your choice.



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